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Are you willing?

I’ve bounced back and fourth on how much of my “story” to put on here.  Do I talk about being in the beverage industry for 15 plus years, from soft drinks to liquor? Or that it took a life changing event for me to "re-evaluate" my career and what I really wanted to do with my life? Or just that I was tired of not having a quick, healthy, affordable option that didn’t involve (a) leaving my car or (b) breaking my bank account. I guess if I’m being honest it was ALL Of THE ABOVE.

I had some childhood trauma that I had locked away for most of my life. Like most people with childhood trauma, locking it away and never dealing with it, is how we deal with it! Little did I realize how much it actually affected me as an adult and the people I care about the most.. At the same time I felt I was just going through the motions in my career. I felt like there had to be more to my life than "punching a time clock". I truly felt I was on the cliff of life, watching it pass me by... I finally  realized I needed help dealing with the trauma. So I did some research and eventually found a place that specializes in it, The Ranch https://www.recoveryranch.com/locations/the-ranch-tennessee/  , in Nunnelley Tennessee. I spent a month there getting healthy, not only did it change my life, it saved it as well. While I was on the plane to The Ranch, my wife (who by the way is the strongest woman I've ever met) gave me a book to read called "Unfu#ck Yourself, get out of your head and on with your life" by Gary John Bishop. This book spoke to me is a very intimate way, it was like the author was talking directly to me, both in my personal and work life. Between the intense therapy and this book, It was like I was being thrown a life preserver. I could finally get off the hamster wheel, if I was willing..   In chapter 2 of his book,  "Are you willing",  he wrote " if you're not willing to take actions to change your situation- in other words, if you're willing to put up with your situation- then whether you like it or not, that is the life you have chosen". I asked myself, am I willing to change, am I willing to do what that will take? It sure sounded good on paper, give up my career & be my own "boss", but am I really willing to give up the safety & security my job gave me?  "Our obsession with certainty can be tragic and counterproductive for 2 reasons (1) Uncertainty is where things happen. (2) Uncertainty is your personal pathway to opportunity. Its the environment in which you grow, experience new things and produce new unprecedented results. Uncertainty is where new happens".  Those words are both powerful and scary at the same time. I mean come on..everyone of us wants safety & security, not uncertainty! Choosing uncertainty goes against our basic human instinct of being safe.  The words "are you willing" swam in head for months, until I answered "YES". I quit my job and committed myself 100% to uncertainty!

The idea for SMOOTH came from my days traveling and working in my car, shuttling kids to & from practices and games and needing a quick healthy food option...We are an active family always on the go, softball, baseball, basketball, the gym, wake boarding at the lake, snowboarding at Mt. Hood or Bachelor, hiking Smith Rock & crabbing on the coast. Not to mention we have 3 "little's" that can be very picky eaters.. I would always say to myself- "I wish I could find a healthy drive thru, I should start a healthy drive thru business". So I did..I Jumped!! With the support of my family, I decided to turn my words & thoughts into actions.  

SMOOTH is a small family owned business, that is designed to fit into your busy life. We believe in supporting local, that’s why we source our fruits and vegetables from local farms (when in season). All of the items on our menu are healthy and taste great. Because we had our family in mind when developing menu, it was a priority to make the items affordable. When we decided to start a healthy drive thru, we knew we needed to be environmentally responsible. We love our planet and want to have as close to a zero carbon footprint as we can. All of our cups, bowls, utensils and containers are plant base & compostable, we don’t use plastic! The electricity we use is 100% GREEN, it comes exclusively from both wind and solar!! Which is important to us because we are essentially 9 x 16 walk in cooler :-P  On behalf of my family, Thank You..I hope you enjoy all the healthy options we've worked hard to bring you, we truly appreciate YOU! Ron.. 

Be a good person, live the SMOOTH life...